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Type 17 Screws

  • Timber to timber fastening
  • Light sheet to timber fixing
  • Won’t crack the timber/wood
  • Cut the timber fiber into small pieces
  • Type 17
    Cutting grooves helps collect and remove sawdust. And can reduce the percentage of cracking the timber.

    High-Low Thread
    The high thread cuts the material deeper, and the low thread increases the contact with the substrate, leaving a larger volume of material between the threads.
    This produces a stronger grip and increases resistance to pull-out and vibration loosening forces.

    R&D and development can be done according to the conditions of on-site use, so that the performance of the product can achieve the desired effect.
  • DIN, IFI, ISO, ASTM, ASME or according to customer's drawing and samples.
    Material: Stainless steel: 304, 316, 410
                       Carbon steel: 1022, 1018
                       Alloy steel: 10B21, 10B33
    Gauge: #8 - #18, M4 - M12"
    Length: 1/2’’- 10’’, 12mm – 250mm