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Timber/DECK screws are specific screws for Timber-to-timber connection. It commonly used in outdoor deck to generate a flat surface after screw in or using on the structural timber truss connection for house build.
For harder timber, we offer a type 17 screws or milling point screws that eliminate pre-drilling, prevent from cracking, and generate a flat surface.
Our solution provides different kind of anti-corrosion surface coating, Ruspert, Dacromet, Hop-Dip galvanized, Mechanical galvanized, electro-coating, Xylan, organic coating…etc.
And different material, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel… Different head style or drives are available, star drive, square drive, Philips drive, torx drive, hex slot, bugle head, hex head, countersunk head…
We are capable of produce the screws according to your drawing(OEM) or design for your specific requirement(ODM).