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Stainless(ss304) Capped Self-drilling Screws

  • Patented drilling tip
  • Roofing screws
  • Color head painted
  • SS304 cap
  • Over the years, climate change has made screws more vulnerable to corrosion. Several coating methods come out for this matter.
    We think differently. The screws head is the easiest part to get corrosion because it exposes to the outside environment. The SS 304 screw is too soft to go through steel and it is expensive. SEC use SS 304 to form a cap and capped on the screws head. This screw combines the anti-corrosion ability of SS 304 and the drilling capability of the carbon steel.

  • DIN, IFI, ISO, ASTM, ASME or according to customer's drawing and samples.
    Material: Carbon steel: 1022, 1018
    Gauge: #10 - #14, M4.8 – M6.3
    Length: 3/4’’- 8’’, 20mm – 200mm

    Self drilling screws are very easy to install, but con- tractors still encounter challenges like penetration speed or functioning problems. Therefore, it is our goal to eradicate those challenges by making self-drilling screws that are faster at drilling and are more stabilized.

    Easy to use
    SEC's Nick Point self-drilling tip contains a small indent slightly on the side of the screw tip. It has been verified through many experiments and comparisons to have a consist shorter drilling time. Furthermore, our feedback from construction staffs indicating an effortless quick drilling speed.

    Stable quality
    Our self-drilling screws have a better penetration point that is slip resistant. Besides, a single SEC self-drilling screw can be redrilled 5 times without affecting performance.

    Suitable coating
    Depending on the environment at which your self-drilling screws are applied, we are able to coat these products according to C1-C4 specifications or according to your own customized specifications.own customized specifications.

    Any customization
    The SEC self-drilling screw can be matched with any EPDM size or steel bonded washer. We can also paint the screw head to the color of your roof or wall.

    Common Applications

    Steel Truss

    Metal siding

    Over the years, climate change has made screws more vulnerable to corrosion. Stainless steel screws are by far the best choice but are too soft to go through steel. Bi-metal screws are another option but they are too expensive.
    Our solution: implementing 304 Stainless cap and Aluminum-zinc cap. The caps not only maintain the original needs but improves the perfor- mance of screws at a lower cost.
    Anti-rust / Anti-UV
    When the cap is implemented in screw heads, it can increase the anti-corrosion capability, allowing it to be placed in extreme environments. Not only does it offer great anti-rust security, it prevents the EPDM washer from deteriorating from UV light exposure.

    Riveting technology
    The unique riveting of the screw caps can withstand higher torque. This characteristic increases screws drilling successful rate and expands the application range.
    Perfect EPDM
    Our cap screws require a customized EPDM washer that can fill the space between the roof and the screw cap. With this, it effectively prevents water leakage.

    Common Applications

    Metal siding

    Highest corrosive