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Painted Head Roofing Sheet Screws

  • Patented tip
  • Steel to steel assembly
  • Steel to timber fix
  • Roofing fastening
  • Color head painted
  • The sheet metal roofing become more and more popular. To satisfied most people and replace roof tiles, the color, outline design, heat/cold prevention, multipole layer of the sheet metal comes out. To make the sheet metal roof more consistence with the screws, we offer head painted screw. The color of the screw head can adjust according to universal color code, e.g., Pantone or RAL. All kind of screw can do the head painted process to make your home looks better and you won't know it is a sheet metal roof/house.

  • DIN, IFI, ISO, ASTM, ASME or according to customer's drawing and samples.
    Material: Stainless steel: 304, 316, 410
                       Carbon steel: 1022, 1018
                       Alloy steel: 10B21, 10B33
    Gauge: #8 - #14, M4 – M6.3
    Length: 1/2’’- 10’’, 12mm – 250mm
    Drilling point: #1-#5