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    For downstream manufacturers

    SANN MUO Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional screw factory located in Taiwan. We use a good selection mechanism on products and services of suppliers to reduce the possible adverse effects from supply chain on society and the environment.

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    Our Core

    To the product

    We not only provide the best quality and competitive price to our products, we also pay more attention to product research and development, procurement, production, operation, service process and marketing ethics to prevent products or services from harming consumer rights, health and safety.

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    Treat for

    To the environment

    We are committed to deeply understand and effectively manage the impact of product and service procurement operations on society and the environment.

    Comply with and follow relevant domestic and foreign environmental, safety and health laws and regulations, commit to maintaining environmental protection requirements, and contribute to social well-being, so that industrial development and the improvement of overall corporate social responsibility can achieve a balanced and healthy growth.

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    Public welfare


    Supporting disadvantaged groups and caring for children is our goal in public welfare participation.

    We make a regular donation to an international charity unit every year. The charity unit is committed to improving the educational environment for local children in Sri Lanka and shortening the gap between local children and the international community.

    When there are voices in need of assistance in society, we always spare no effort to extend a helping hand. In addition to financial assistance, we also take practical actions to help those in need.

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    for Employee

    To employees

    We not only construct a high-quality working environment, a competitive salary and welfare system, but also provide diversified cultivation and career development.

    In addition, in order to ensure the creativity and competitiveness of the company, we hire employees with diverse professional backgrounds, professionals from other nationalities, hoping to bring more growth momentum to the company.

    The company does its utmost to comply with labor-related laws and regulations, encourage and support the personal growth of employees, to provide equal employment opportunities and maintain fair and stable working conditions, to create a safe and harmonious working environment for employees, and to follow equal pay for women and men for equal work. There are no differences due to race, political stance, religious beliefs, marital status, and trade unions.