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Milling Point Self-drilling Screw for Timber

  • Milling point tip
  • Roofing screws
  • Steel truss
  • Good performance for thick plate
  • Our special milling point timber screw is the best timber screw that won't crack/split the timber even it is .5cm close to the edge. Moreover, it can drill into the hard timber like Merbau without pre-drill. This increase the fault tolerance during working and less trouble to fix different kind if timber together.

  • DIN, IFI, ISO, ASTM, ASME or according to customer's drawing and samples.
    Material: Carbon steel: 1022, 1018
    Gauge: #12 - #14, M5.5 – M6.3
    Length: 1/2’’- 10’’, 12mm – 250mm
    Drilling point: #3, #5

  • Milling Point Screw
    (Replace "Structural Wood Screws")
    The Milling Point Screw, or "MPS", is a 6.4mm diameter wood screw. With its high strength, the MPS is specifically designed to fasten 2-ply wooden pieces together such as plated trusses and solid wood engineered timber products.

    Milling Point
    The tail of the MPS is designed in such a way that when drilling into the edge of the wood, the torque can be reduced meaning that the wood will not be cracked.

    Asymmetric Thread
    The special angle design can increase tensile strength and enhance pull-out resistance in a variety of applications. The MPS does this through firmly clinching the plates together to

    Corrosion Resistant
    C3,C4 Ruspert Coating Salt Spray Test 1000, 2000 hrs Kesternich Test 15, 20 cycles

    The ribs of the MPS allow for the screw to sink cleanly into a firmly fixed position therefore, increasing its security onto wood.

    Common Applications


    Solid wood