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Titian Lok Timber Truss Screw

  • Timber to timber connection
  • Plywood, plasterboard, and fiberboard
  • In-house decoration
  • Furniture and cabinet assembly
  • This is a screws design for timber truss structure e.g., top plate connection, rafter stud to top plate, sole to rim and stud to sole connection. The full thread screws fasten 2 timbers together and provide an excellent pull-out force.

  • DIN, IFI, ISO, ASTM, ASME or according to customer's drawing and samples.
    Material: Stainless steel: 304, 316, 410
                       Carbon steel: 1022, 1018
                       Alloy steel: 10B21, 10B33
    Gauge: #8 - #18, M4 - M12
    Length: 1/2’’- 10’’, 12mm – 250mm

    The TaitanLok screw is a 6.6mm diameter wooden construction screw.
    With a specially designed anti-loosen screwdriver, it can work at high altitude without worrying the screw falling and work injury. There are several choices of advanced versions for thread type which can increase working efficiency. And this is our special KNOW HOW.

    Type 17
    Cutting grooves helps collect and remove sawdust. And can reduce the percentage of cracking the timber.

    Asymmetric Thread
    Special angle design can increase pull-out resistance in a vari-ety of applications. Also firmly clinches plates together to close gaps in multi-ply assemblies.

    Fix firmly, sink cleanly and security into the wood. This can create a flat surface after you screw in.

    Special drive
    The special drive can match with screws perfectly and improves productivity. There is no need to worry about screws falling when working at high altitudes.

    Common Applications


    Highest corrosive