SEC's NICK POINT self-drilling tip has been verified through many experiments and comparisons, which can shorten the drilling time.

We have also received feedback from the construction staff that the drilling speed is indeed short and effortless. Very efficient!
  • Stable quality
    On the inclined surface structure, it can also have a better penetration point without slipping. It can even be drilled five times to maintain stable performance. (for detailed tests, please refer to the video).

    Various coatings
    According to the environment in which the product is used. The relative coating can be adjusted and fit in a corrosive environment. We can coat the products according to C1~C4 specs or customize your own requirement.

    Any customization
    It can be matched with any size EPDM or steel bonded washer. You can also match the relative head paint according to the color of the roof or wall. 



    Welcome to provide samples for functional comparison test

    Simulate on-site construction conditions

    Perform product performance tests under a variety of conditions to understand the stability of the product and the basis for improvement.

  • Diameter:6.6 mm

    Length: 65-200 mm
    Coating:Zinc Plated、Ruspert、Dacromet、Machinical Galvanized、Painted Head、Others
    Usage:Prefabricated house、building roof、floor、truck bucket、container floor、others


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