Plastic plate screws are self-tapping screws.

Plastic panels are composed of resin and wood chips, so plastic panel screws can grasp this composite material and resist falling.

Screws firmly fix the plastic panel to another plastic panel, or to other materials, such as natural wood.
  • Type 17
    Cutting grooves helps collect and remove sawdust. And can reduce the percentage of cracking the timber.

    High-Low Thread
    The high thread cuts the material deeper, and the low thread increases the contact with the substrate, leaving a larger volume of material between the threads.
    This produces a stronger grip and increases resistance to pull-out and vibration loosening forces.

    R&D and development can be done according to the conditions of on-site use, so that the performance of the product can achieve the desired effect.
  • Diameter:4.0-12.0 mm

    Length: 25-200 mm

    Usage:Wood、plywood、particle board、fiberboard、flooring、others
    Coating:Zinc plated、Black plated、Ruspert、Dacromet、Machinical galvanized、others


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