Machine screws have slightly thinner teeth than self-tapping screws.

The threads have a fixed specification and need to be used with the corresponding threaded nut or accessories.
  • Bolt Grades and Classes

    This is a technical term which determines the properties of a bolt. 
    There are a huge variety of bolt grades that are suitable for a diverse range of applications and environments.

    Metric Class 4 --- Similar to Grade 2

    Metric Class 8.8 --- Similar to Grade 5

    Metric Class 10.9 --- Similar to Grade 8

    Metric Class 12.9 --- The highest metric class for strength, it exceeds Grade 8

  • Diameter:M6-M52

    Length: 20-300 mm

    Usage:Aautomotive、Architecture、Mechanics、Home Appliances and Electronics Industries

    Production process : Cold forging、Hot forging、Other secondary reworks such like machining、drilling and slot cutting are available upon request
    Coating:Zinc plated、Zinc-Nickel Alloy、Black Oxide、Dacromet、Geomet、Machinical galvanized、Anodize、others


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