Compared with traditional expansion screw anchors, concrete screw anchors can be easily disassembled without damaging the base.
Because of its detachable ability, it is very useful for temporary steel frame fixing or scaffolding support.
  • High-Low Thread
    This kind of screw includes a high thread and a low thread. 
    The unique qualities of hi-lo thread specifications help minimize the amount of material displaced as the screw is driven into the material,
    while also serving to create a stronger grip than would otherwise be possible.

    Tensile test
    According to different needs, the physical performance can be achieved.
    And customized tests can be made for special needs.
  • Diameter:M6-M24

    Length: 300 mm MAX
    Coating:Zinc plated、Black plated、Ruspert、Dacromet、Machinical galvanized、others and  colors of head paint.


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