The environment is getting worse. We are focusing on “How prevent the screws from getting rusted”.

Stainless steel screws seem to be the best choice but material is too soft. Whereas bi-metal screws are too costly.

Here is the solution :
304 Stainless cap and aluminum-zinc cap screws. It not only maintains the original needs, but also time-saving and cost-effective. Most importantly, they are customer oriented.

— What a win-win design to save the cost !
    self-drilling tip has been verified through many experiments and comparisons, which can shorten the drilling time.
    We have also received feedback from the construction staff that the drilling speed is indeed short and effortless. Very efficient!

    Anti-rust / Anti-UV
    When the screws heads matches with one of the caps, it has anti-rust ability to protect screw heads from exposing to the extreme environment.  Al-Zn cap won't rust! 
    And it can protect the EPDM washer degrade from UV! 

    Riveting technology
    Unique riveting shape helps our screws take more torque force than others. This features increases the successful rate and expands the product using range. 

    Perfect EPDM
    Our screws required a customized EPDM washer that can fill the space between the roof and cap. It can effectively prevent water leaking . No need for steel bonded washers any more! 
  • Diameter:6.6 mm

    Length: 65-200 mm
    Coating:Zinc Plated、Ruspert、Dacromet、Machinical Galvanized、Painted Head、Others
    Usage:Prefabricated house、building roof、floor、truck bucket、container floor、others


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